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 Williston Middle School: Our club's ongoing Legacy Project needs YOU

Williston Middle School

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Our Legacy Project's origin and purpose
As our club approached its 100th year, we needed a new project to take us into our centennial celebration and beyond. After a year of research and interviews, we chose a partnership with Williston Middle School as our Legacy Project. Since this partnership began in 2011, a number of Rotarians have led the project. Steve Yates and Anna Erwin are the Legacy Project Committee's co-chairs in 2017. The committee's mission is to fill the school's needs by matching appropriate people and resources at the right time.

Why Williston Middle School?
It has the greatest needs of any middle school in New Hanover County.

Why a middle school?
Students start falling behind in middle school. Research shows that students who are not proficient readers by the end of 8th grade have a much higher chance of dropping out of school.

How will we measure results?

  • Increased Student Attendance
  • Fewer discipline referrals
  • More after-school participation by students
  • Sustainability of the partnership: more volunteer hours and participation
  • Improved literacy and math scores.

Williston's Mission Statement:

The mission of Williston Middle School, in collaboration with our parents and community, is to provide children an excellent education in a healthy and safe learning environment where they are prepared with the critical skills to reach their full potential in a twenty-first century global society.

Williston's Vision:

To build and sustain a productive learning community, in which all members are challenged to achieve their highest academic potential.

Want more info about Williston?

Click to learn more about Williston Middle School.

Haven't volunteered at Williston? Scroll down to see a few of those we help.Thanks to all Rotarians who participate in Student of the Month awards!
Art students painted on recycled roof slates that the club donated.

Lunch-hour fitness program fights childhood obesity.


Club support paid entry fees, bought T-shirts, for Science Olympiad Team.


Can you tutor a student in need?
Let us know you want to be volunteer.

 Can you donate any of the items listed here?

Williston Needs

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